Are you organising an event? The staff at The Great Catering Company have a few tips to help you host an amazing event, anywhere, anytime!

Decorate Your Venue Appropriately.

When decorating your event space it’s important to do your research. Keeping in mind your style, colour palette and the mood that you are trying to create. Use 5 key images to inspire your design – not copy. Invest in highlighting a few areas that will be the focal point of the event e.g. a standout backdrop or suspended floral installation.

Courtenay Power, Event Stylist and Manager

Calculating your food needs

Calculating how much food you need is not an exact science, but it can be difficult and, if not done properly, can put you in the red.

  • Figure out the right amount of food you need based on the number of people, the type of crowd, the length of the event.

  • If you’re still not sure how much food, drinks and staff your event requires, ask around. Tap into the knowledge of people who have organised similar events. Their advice will not only save you money, but you will also be building valuable relationships.

Jackie Moses, Event Manager


Working out how many beverages you need.

Allow one beverage per person per hour for a 4-hour gathering to be on the safe side.  Not everyone will drink alcohol.  Even those who do may switch from alcohol to water after the first or second drink, so don’t forget to order water. Bottled water will be appreciated, but by-the-glass from a pitcher will definitely be less expensive to serve! The rate of consumption will decrease if the duration of the party is longer.

Mark Pummell, Staff Training Manager and Event Supervisor

Staffing your event.

Your wait staff are so important and getting the right amount is difficult. You could aim for a ratio of 1 waitstaff per 20 guests. If they are a smaller group of guests then you might need to start with 3 staff to cover your bar, food and a runner (clearing).

Georgia Traill, Service Manager


Organising your suppliers

And if you have time to plan (and someone to receive it) try to ship anything you will not need until the day of the event straight to the venue. Less hauling!

John Le Riche, Operations Manager