Interviewed by Jackie Moses and Mark Pummell.

(Please note Linson’s English is not perfect and we have tried to transcribe it as close as possible)

QUESTION - What was your favourite sweet growing up in India?

ANSWER - Ras malai, it is a traditional Indian dessert that is actually made from milk but it forms something like cottage cheese. You roll it, then boil it in sugar syrup, followed by soaking it in condensed milk. That was my favourite dessert growing up in India and because of this, I asked my mum to make it for me at least once a week. I loved it so much, we have even made it for a client here (at the great catering company) when I first started.


QUESTION - When was that?

ANSWER - 23rd of February 2012, it was my birthday. It was my 5th anniversary at GCC only last month.

QUESTION - Why did you want to be a pastry chef?

ANSWER - I started cooking Chinese food, then I moved to being an Indian chef. I then found out that everyone loved eating pastry dishes and sweet treats. This brought me to Great Catering because I wanted to make people happy and enthusiastic about the food I make. I saw that when you give something sweet to someone you instantly see the happiness on their face, this is what I like.


QUESTION - What is your favourite thing about working at Great Catering?

ANSWER - The main thing I like is the freedom to try new things and be able to create new and exciting dishes. This job also gives me flexibility with my time which allows me to have a great work-life balance. I enjoy spending time with my family and I have the best of both worlds.


QUESTION - What is the most creative chocolate dish you have ever made?

ANSWER - A couple of months back we had a client who wanted something special which wasn’t offered on our menu. I read over the brief of the event and created a caramelised hazelnut chocolate dome with a mango and fruit sorbet. This was then served on a slab of dry ice.