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*Served with European style breads and butter

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Two LegsQTY
Four LegsQTY
Fennel, olive, granny smith apple, tamarillo, balsamic, micro radish GF/V/♥
Grilled radicchio, cherry vincotto, beetroot, parmesan, almond GF/V/♥
Rocket salad, grapefruit, prosciutto, orange vinaigrette, pumpkin seed, grana padano GF/♥
Seasonal leaf salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber apple dressing GF/V/ ♥
Buttered seasonal greens GF/♥
Green beans, kale, soya, shallots, thyme, NZ walnuts GF/DF/V/♥
Mediterranean vegetable platter with honey rosemary dressing GF/DF/ V/♥
Raw energy salad with cauliflower, courgette, carrot, coriander, sultana, pumpkin seeds GF/ DF/ V/♥
Roast vegetable platter with urban herbs from our Abbeville garden GF/DF/V/♥
Fried Wild & jasmine rice, corn, confit garlic, pea, egg, coriander, almond GF/DF/V/♥
Tea and CoffeeQTY