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* Starters served with dinner rolls and New Zealand butter
* All mains are served with seasonal vegetables

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Starter - EarthQTY
Starter - LeglessQTY
Apple tree smoked salmon, pear, NZ walnuts, fennel, green olive GF/DF
Hiramasa kingfish ceviche, ginger, radish, avocado, cucumber GF/DF
Starter - Two legsQTY
Teriyaki chicken, peanut cucumber relish, mung beans, radish GF/DF
Starter - Four legsQTY
Crisp pork belly, artichoke, pico di gallo DF
Seared venison, caramelised baby vegetables, wild mushrooms, brandy jus GF/DF
Main - EarthQTY
Main - LeglessQTY
Main - Two legsQTY
Chargrilled chicken, courgette slaw, butter nut, mung bean, spicy peanut miso sauce DF
Smoked duck breast, red current, cherry, red cabbage, parsnip crisps GF/DF
Main - Four legsQTY
Duo freedom farms Pork fillet and belly, winter vegetables, star anise vinaigrette DF/GF
Lamb rump, puy lentils, baby carrot, tomato concasse, sherry jus DF/GF
Coconut cream brulee in Chinese spoon GF/DF
Tea and CoffeeQTY