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On the Spit (min 40p)QTY
Whole pig
Whole lamb
Whole chicken
From the Smoker (from $10 per head)QTY
Whole Kahawai
Lamb ribs
Pork ribs
Beef short ribs
Whole chicken
Pulled pork, Boston butt
Beef brisket
Lamb shoulder
Akaroa salmon
Sides ($5 per head)QTY
Baby gem, peach, tomato, feta, prosciutto, basil GF
Coleslaw GF
Iceberg wedges, ranch dressing GF
Watermelon, feta, wild arugula, pumpkin seeds GF
Beans, broccoli, lemon butter, sliced almonds GF
Chargrilled courgette, eggplant, capsicum, garlic, balsamic GF/V
Baked potato, chives, gruyere, black pepper GF
Chunky fries with truffle mayo GF
Potato salad GF
Sweet ($10 per head each)QTY