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*Homemade pies served in brown paper bags with our tomato sauce, choose from:

Great PiesQTY
Cauliflower, cheddar, pine nut, leek
Smoked fish, egg, pea
Chicken, veg, mushroom
Lamb Korma, red lentil
Mince, cheese
Steak, merlot, gruyere
Halloumi, chick pea, garlic, wild rocket, citrus peppers
Honey, lime market fish, iceberg, aioli
Teriyaki chicken, chilli, Asian slaw
Smoked brisket, gruyere, pickles, honey mustard
Things in breadQTY
Fresh Italian style breads and rolls, butter, homemade condiments, sliced tomatoes drizzled with pesto, sliced cheese and baby leaves
Mustard and apricot glazed leg of ham from our local butcher
Roast beef fillet, rosemary, garlic, lemon
Lamb leg, mint glaze
Burgers and fried thingsQTY
Veg burger, lentil, chickpea, tomato,
Fish and chips with lemon wedge and tomato sauce (deep fryer required)
Southern fried chicken, baked beans, corn, sour cream dip (deep fryer required)
Chicken schnitzel, brie and bacon burger with guacamole
Prime Angus burger, tomato, caramelised red onion, tasty cheese, chipotle sauce
Slow cooked spiced lamb, semi dried tomato, lettuce, cucumber yoghurt
BBQ proissant rollsQTY
Chorizo, honey mustard, swiss cheese
Egg, bacon, hash
Mash MenuQTY
Fluffy mash potatoes with toppings: crumbled bacon, smoked brisket, savoury mince, pulled pork, sautéed herb mushrooms, grated cheddar, blue cheese, parmesan, creamed corn, avocado salsa, sour cream, fried onion, roast garlic, baked beans, demi-glace
Selection of antipasto a mix of sea food and meats and Vegetables
Three cheeses with NZ fruit, fruit puree, homemade crackers
Three cheeses with grapes, fruit puree, walnut bread, homemade crackers