BBQ Buffet Menu

o Selection of Wild Wheat and Il Forno breads, olive oil and home churned artisan butter

Off the Grill and Smoker
o Grilled halloumi, citrus braised peppers, salted capers, watercress (V/GF)
o Whole smoked Akaroa salmon fillet, maple-miso glaze
o Whole Bostock chicken marinated in lemon, coriander and garlic (GF)
o Selection of artisan sausages from our Grey Lynn Butchers
o Twice cooked BBQ pork belly, caramelized apple (GF)
o Whole applewood smoked brisket, pepper and bbq sauce (GF)
o Sirloin of beef, BBQ grilled with caramelized onions (GF)
o Rosemary lamb shoulder, anchovy and feta dressing (GF)

From the Spit - POA
o Whole spit roasted free range pig (GF)
o Whole lamb, studded with rosemary, garlic and thyme (GF)
o Bostock whole Chicken, lemon, thyme and Abbeville herbs(GF)
Condiments – additional at $5.00 per bowl
o Aioli
o BBQ Sauce
o Homemade tomato sauce
o Pesto
o Red capsicum relish
o chimichurri sauce
o Tomato relish

Sides & Salads
o Heirloom tomato, pickled shallots, olive oil and sourdough wafers (V/GF)
o Mixed leaves, fine herbs and champagne vinegar dressing (V/GF)
o Coleslaw, crispy bacon and herb mayonnaise (GF)
o Brown rice salad, quinoa, toasted corn and coriander and organic olive oil dressing (V/GF)

o Steamed green summer vegetables, tomato dressing (V/GF)
o Spiced game chips, parsley aioli and aged Kapiti cheddar (V)
o Roasted new potatoes, garlic and Abbeville herbs (V/GF)
o Chargrilled broccoli, char grilled summer vegetables in a tomato relish dressing (V/GF)

Dessert Table Buffet -  (2 selections and cheese)
o Caramel glazed hazelnut passionfruit delice, mango lime sorbet
o Baked chocolate tart, grand marnier sauce, lemon mascarpone
o Raspberry chocolate custard cake and orange blossom ice cream
o Rolled pavlova, passion fruit mascarpone and summer fruits (GF)
o Vanilla cream brulee, pistachio ice cream and orange salad (GF)
o Summer fruit trifle, tonga bean custard, caramelized fruit berry and raspberry jelly
o Selection of Kapiti Cheeses, grapes, and homemade fruit paste lavosh and water crackers