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Linson - Pastry Chef

Linson - Pastry Chef

All the delectable sweets and treats that are delivered to you are created solely by our talented Pastry Chef Linson. When Linson isn't baking up delicious goodness in our GCC kitchen he likes to spend time at home with his wife cooking authentic Indian cuisine. 

Although he is known around the office as the “Sweet Tooth” he admits that he never bakes at home – he gets enough at work! Linson dislikes rudeness and hostility which is why Great Catering is the perfect workplace for him. We’re all family here! 

He brings patience and a listening ear to the role with him, and for that he has our respect and admiration. 
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Rebecca - Chef

Rebecca - Junior Sous Chef

Rebecca, once the “little girl” of GCC, has now grown up and prides herself in the role of Commis Chef. Rebecca enjoys spending time with her identical twin sister and helping her mum feed the sheep on their farm. 

Rebecca used to work in a restaurant kitchen but prefers working for The Great Catering Co for the challenges it presents every day. No two days are ever the same! 

Rebecca brings a shining attitude to work with her every day and is a valued member of the Great Catering family.


Johnny - Senior chef de partie

Johnny - Senior chef de partie

Born and raised in France, Johnny always wanted to be a chef and has been on the stoves for over 20 years. Even though people tell him that the French have the best cuisine in the world, he has a far more global palette. His other loves are travelling (we hope he doesn’t travel again too soon…), sport, people and of course – food!!


Gunjan - Kitchenhand

Gunjan - Commis Chef

Gunjan grew up in a very small town in the state of "Rajasthan" India. Two years ago she came to New Zealand and choose Culinary as a profession. 

This is her first job in New Zealand and I really enjoy learning and working with great chefs. Every day she has the opportunity to learn something new and improve her culinary skills. 

Gunjan said, "The best part of being in New Zealand is my job, I never miss my family as my chefs are like my family too. They give me strength, determination and overall teach me a lot of useful tips and tricks. My dream is to become a great chef in the future and teach others what I've been taught."

She is very happy to be a part of The Great Catering Company and we are delighted to have her. 
Malti - Kitchen Angel

Malti - Kitchen Angel

Malti, our Kitchen Angel, keeps us all in line here at Great Catering. She is always busy tending to the finer details in the kitchen. When she’s not at work she enjoys sampling her husband’s Indian cooking and spending time with her boys aged 10 and 13.

In the weekends she spends time in her garden which is currently blooming with purple, pink and white flowers. Malti loves working for The Great Catering Co because everyone is so nice to work with, and every day brings something new to her job. Her perfectionism and hard work is inspiring to us all!