Plated Corporate

o Wild Wheat and Il Forno artisan breads, olive oil, and home churned artisan butter

o Tea smoked breast of duck, caramelized pineapple, Asian slaw, peanuts and crisp shallots Thai
chili dressing (GF)
o Salmon crudo, fennel salad, apple, mandarin juice and green olives (GF)
o Terrine of beetroot, roasted hazelnuts, Ramara cheese and tarragon (V/GF)
o Salad of organic chicken, watermelon, prawn relish, lime and chilli (GF)
o Textures of Asparagus, asparagus gazpacho, pannacotta and shaved asparagus salad (V/GF)
o Pork belly, caramelized corn puree with miso, master stock and puffed crackling
o Grilled Asparagus, warm Hollandaise, poached egg, sou dough croutons and bacon dressing

o Line caught Lee fish, grilled baby fennel, citrus fruits, fine herb polenta
o Venison loin, roasted pear, faux liquorice puree and green peppercorn just lie (GF)
o Hawkes Bay lamb neck fillets, roasted heirloom new season carrots, feta and pomegranate and
agria fondant (GF)
o Sirloin of aged Angus beef, slow cooked short rib “pie” parsnip, green stone spinach, truffle and
walnut remoulade (GF)
o Ballotine of organic Bostock chicken, sugar snap peas, sweetcorn gnocchi and chardonnay white
o Red onion tart tatin, Asparagus salad, glazed petit onions and goats cheese and walnut gribiche

o Caramel glazed hazelnut passionfruit delice, mango lime sorbet
o Baked chocolate tart, grand marnier sauce, lemon mascarpone
o Raspberry chocolate custard cake and orange blossom ice cream
o Rolled pavlova, passion fruit mascarpone and fruit salad GF
o Vanilla cream brulee, pistachio ice cream and orange salad GF
o Summer fruit trifle, tonga bean custard, caramelized fruit berry and raspberry jelly

Petit Fours - (Minimum order 20)
o Assorted macaroons (GF)
o Cardamom pistachio cherry log
o Chocolate caramel éclair
o Chocolate passion fruit parfait
o Lemon meringue tart
o Mango custard in a pavlova shell (V/GF)
o Raspberry mousse in a chocolate case (V/GF)
o Summer berry tart

Buffet Corporate

o Wild Wheat and Il Forno artisan breads, olive oil, and home churned artisan butter

o Line caught market fish, grilled fennel and citrus dressing (V/GF)
o Twice cooked soy chicken, soba noodle, long beans, prawn relish and shitake.
o Glazed loin of pork, fig vincotto, grilled stone fruit, pea shoots and sage jus (GF)
o Roasted lamb neck fillet, feta, pomegranate, mint yoghurt (GF)
o Sirloin of aged beef, parsnip, truffle and walnut remoulade (GF)
o Akaroa Salmon broad beans, sweetcorn gnocchi and chardonnay white raisins
o Eggplant and miso dumplings, chargrilled asparagus, Asian salad and soy- mirin vinaigrette (V)

Sides & Salads
o Heirloom tomato, pickled shallots, olive oil and sourdough wafers (V)
o Mixed leaves, fine herbs and champagne vinegar dressing (V/GF)
o Coleslaw, crispy bacon and herb mayonnaise (GF)
o Caesar salad, bacon, cos, croutons, parmesan and garlic dressing
o Brown rice salad, quinoa, toasted corn and coriander and organic olive oil dressing (V/GF)
o Steamed green summer vegetables, tomato dressing (V/GF)
o Spiced green pea fritter, toasted almonds, mint and labneh (V)
o Spiced game chips, parsley aioli and aged Kapiti cheddar (V)
o Roasted new potatoes, garlic and Abbeville herbs (V/GF)
o Chargrilled broccoli and summer vegetables in a tomato relish dressing (V/GF)

Petit Fours - (Minimum order 20)
o Assorted macaroons (GF)
o Cardamom pistachio cherry log
o Chocolate caramel éclair
o Chocolate passion fruit parfait
o Lemon meringue tart
o Mango custard in a pavlova shell (V/GF)
o Raspberry mousse in a chocolate case (V/GF)
o Summer berry tart