My earliest memories of food are with my father, picking olives and figs and gathering vegetables from our family’s garden for dinner.

My day dreams revolve around food and the things I can create from New Zealand’s abundant supply of locally grown produce.

“My focus has always been on food that exudes style and glamour,” says Sue. 

It’s evident in every bite: everything that comes out of the Great Catering kitchen is flavour focused. 

Trained at top international restaurants, including the Savoy group of hotels in London, Sue set up The Great Catering Company in 1995.

Such is its success, The Great Catering Company now has a sibling. 

In 2005, Sue launched The Great Hiring Company. “We can now satisfy the constant need for fabulous catering equipment, tableware and linen required by our clients and to complement all occasions,” says Sue.

What do you like to eat at home?

“Thai-style poached hapuka on soba noodles with shiitake and broccolini tossed in oyster sauce.”