Summer AM/PM

Everyday Catering 


Juices and Smoothies - 
o Mango, coconut yoghurt and pineapple smoothie (V/GF)
o Summer berries, honey, elderflower smoothie (V/GF)
o Banana, blueberry, almond milk and chia seed smoothie (V/GF)
o Cucumber, rocket, mint and granny smith juice (V/GF)
o Beetroot, celery, apple and carrot juice (V/GF)

Breakfast Sweet items - 
o Crumpet, roasted pear with caramel, white chocolate-vanilla mascarpone
o Mango Bircher muesli, coconut yoghurt, crushed pineapple and mint
o Yoghurt mousse, hazelnut granola and hokey pokey crumb
o Pikelets, malt caramel, frangelico banana and brown sugar hazelnuts (bacon optional)
o Vahlrona trifle, coco rice crisp, cardamon orange marmalade.

Breakfast Savory items - 
o Kikorangi blue rosti, grilled field mushrooms, tomato-borlotti bean ragout (V/GF)
o Grilled pita bread, crisp lamb ribs, Moroccan tomatoes and labneh
o Smoked fish cake, lemon, poached egg, rocket and chorizo hollandaise
o Grilled field mushrooms, garlic ciabatta, ricotta and watercress salad (V)
o Heirloom carrot succotash, streaky bacon, poached egg (GF)

Continental Buffet - 
o Selection of seasonal fresh fruits, sliced and whole
o Homemade compote of seasonal fruits with natural and fruit Yoghurt (V/GF)
o Pastry items, fresh baked Danish, croissants and breads
o Cereals, granola and bircher muesli

o Grey Lynn Butchers sausage, streaky bacon, scrambled egg, Kikorangi blue rosti, grilled field
mushroom, tomato-borlotti bean ragout (GF)
o Smoked field mushrooms, roasted tomato, scrambled egg, garlic ciabatta, ricotta and watercress
salad (V)

Morning and Afternoon Tea:

Savoury - 
o Cheese scone with onion confit jam, black pepper and chive sour cream
o Sweet potato and corn empanada
o Bacon and egg pies with tomato relish
o Best ugly bagel with salmon lox and creamed cheese
o Rice paper rolls, smoked tofu, coriander and spicy Viet dressing (V/GF)
o Agria and pea samosa, spiced raita yoghurt

Savoury Muffins - 
o Bacon and gruyere cheese
o Courgette, carrot and pesto (V/GF)
o Smoked chicken and brie
o Smoked salmon, chives and sour cream
o Roasted pepper, oregano and parmesan (V/GF) 

Sweet - 
o Chocolate and caramel éclair
o Raw cranberry and almond energy slice
o Lemon meringue tart
o Seasonal fruit skewers
o Summer berry tart
o Strawberry chocolate custard cake
o Dried mango, coconut and macadamia granola bar
o Coconut and fried fruit bliss ball (V/GF)

Sweet Muffins - 
o Bran and raisin
o Double chocolate
o Blueberry and vanilla
o Raspberry and white chocolate
o Orange and macadamia (GF)